Event: The Renaissance

Hey Guys!

When the blog is silent, it means I’m working! On mixes, on gigs, on new events…

I’m very excited to be a part of a new monthly event starting Friday, December 14th. This event is bringing together two amazing NYC DJs- DJ Stretch Armstrong (a personal idol of mine) and DJ Getlive– for an event that can’t be missed!

I’m honored to be one of their first guests! Stretch is a legend and Getlive has been tearing up the WORLD with his sets the past few years. This is a party that will bring you new music and classics we all enjoy; giving you what you want, and what you need from a party. See you there!

I should have a new mix before year’s end, but before then, you can catch me almost every weekend at Alice’s Arbor, rotating nights with DJ Shawn Dub, providing a chill soundtrack to your late-night food and drink movement :).

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