New Mix, New Events!

I hope your summer is going well!

We’re already halfway through so enjoy it while it lasts! There’s so much to do! I have a new mix and some events coming up that I think you might like.

There’s nothing like being outdoors in this weather and Recess New York knows it.
They’ve been putting on adult recreational events around the city for years. They also have a pretty rad music series featuring mixes from all kinds of folks (DJs and non-DJs alike)
sharing mixes reflecting what they like to do with their recreational time.

I love to walk around NYC so I picked some upbeat jams to keep my pace nice and quick! I hope you enjoy! Listen and download here.
We’re also halfway through the 5th season of Makossa BK Cookout! The next one is July 19th and RSVP is MANDATORY! You will not get in without it! Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you can RSVP as soon as the link is up!
July 24th, I’m very excited to be a part of the HYP Launch for Habitat for Humanity NYC! Habitat Young Professionals, or HYP, is a group that engages young professionals around issues of affordable housing and homeownership in New York City. Those who know me personally know affordable housing is an issue I hold dear and I’m very excited to be a part!



Entry includes a 3 hour open bar & snacks! Buy your ticket in advance!
Finally, August 16th, I will be spinning with some GREAT DJs on a luxury yacht!!! We’re taking TheVS to the sea along with DJ mOma, DJ Soul, Meka, Young Guru, and STRETCH ARMSTRONG!

TheVS August

We sail at midnight so buy your tickets early and I’ll see you on the pier!


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New Mix! Spring in My Step!

Most of us got dealt a pretty harsh winter. Polar Vortexes (vortices? What’s the plural of vortex?), significant snowfall every week for several weeks-UGH! It sucked but, Winter will be Winter, and Spring will be the Super-Herione that puts Old Man Winter in a headlock and tosses him out of the house like Uncle Phill did Jazz on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Here’s the soundtrack to that butt-whooping. It’s called Spring In My Step. A mix of upbeat tunes from around the globe of various genres and some super-exclusive remixes.

Check it out below! You can also download it! Don’t forget to check out my other mixes too!

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New Year, New Events!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone closed out 2013 on a high note and you are ready to take this New Year on!

2013 was great for me and I must thank YOU for that! Your support is priceless. I always aim to bring quality music, mixes, and events wherever I go. This would not be possible without your support and I will continue to make this a priority!

This month is definitely no exception. I have 3 really great events happening this month that I’m very excited about!

SaS 1-14

This Thursday, January 9th, is the next installment of Shouting at the Screen! Wyatt Cenac and Donwill are back at it again – bringing you a hilarious Blaxploitation film with special guest commentary, while I lay down a soundtrack of soulful and funky grooves to get your ready to laugh and shout!

Make sure you buy your tickets to guarantee a seat!

14_1_18_HipHopKaraoke (1)

Saturday, January 18th, I’m back with the awesome gents of Hip Hop Karaoke! If you’ve never been, it is guaranteed a fun time. You can sing along to your favorite Hip Hop jams (of which there are hundreds to choose from) from the safety of the crowd or for the truly bold, right on stage! No need to be the next Kendrick or Drake to rock the crowd. Just bring your enthusiasm!

I’ll be laying down a nice set to get the night started and I’ll be the DJ to all who sign up!       Buy your tickets in advance! The last Hip Hop Karaoke did sell out!


Ace Hotel has teamed up with music website OkayFuture to do a series of Lobby Nights every Monday in January, where DJs, artists, and producers will present a lot of great music. I’ll be closing out the month with DJ Eko and special guest producer Mystress!

Check the flyer for the lineup and click here to learn more about the DJs and artists participating!

Finally, you can also catch me at my home, Alice’s Arbor, this Friday, January 10th and Friday, January 24th. It’s always a fun and chill way to kick off your weekend. Amazing food, delicious cocktails, and dope tunes spun by yours truly!

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Updates & New Events!



Just checking in on the site! I know it’s been a while but if you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter, you know it’s been quite a busy Fall!

California was awesome! In addition to San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, I managed to snag another gig the night before heading back to NYC in Oakland! So many dancefloors! I hope you managed to check my Instagram feed for many shots of my trip- the sights, the food, and of course, the sounds :). The photo above is one of me rockin Motown on Mondays in LA :).

Many thanks to Beatnick, Mamabear, Adriana, Monalisa, Phatrick, Jedi, my Makossa fam Wonway, Soul Profess and everyone else who helped make the trip so awesome. I promise not to be a stranger, California!

As far as the past few months go, I’ve been involved with some pretty amazing events. In addition to holding it down at my favorite hideaway, Alice’s Arbor, I had the opportunity to represent at TheVS, which is becoming one of the most anticipated parties at Santos Play House! Every month 2 DJs represent different genres or musicians/label crews in a friendly spar. Who wins? The crowd!

In October, I held it down for 90s Hip Hop while Strictly Business Sound System represented for 90s Dancehall and it was GREAT! I held my own considering I was up against a crew! Check the video recap!

This past Halloween, I got to spin the return of one of my favorite movie nights, Shouting at the Screen! Comedian Wyatt Cenac and your rapper’s favorite MC Donwill have finally returned their night of drinks and blaxploitation films and brought it to a new home in Williamsburg- IndieScreen!

Shouting at the Screen will be every First Thursday of the month so check us out December 5th!

Shouting at the Screen admat

In addition to Shouting at the Screen, my next gigs include Juke Bar this Saturday night (11/30), Motown on Mondays 12/2 at Brooklyn Bowl with Amir of 180 Proof Records, and Friday, December 6th at Alice’s Arbor.

Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you on the dancefloor!



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Summer Wrap Up/ DJ Tara in California

Makossa T(photo by John Demato)

We ended a great summer in NYC with Makossa BK! One of my most favorite Makossa BK’s ever! The music and the people as always were top-notch. Great vibes. Thanks again for your support and we look forward to next summer’s Makossa BK. We’re also working on some things so hopefully, you won’t have to wait so long….

Check out the photos here!

I guess I didn’t want summer to end because here I am in Sunny (and rather hot!) California for the next week! I’m spinning in both SoCal and The Bay Area so definitely spread the word to your Left Coast peoples.

I return to NYC Sunday, September 15th, where I’ll hop off the plane and head straight to Bed Vyne Brew Shop to spin a set to allow you wind down from the weekend and get ready for the new week ahead!

Check out flyers for my SD and LA dates below. As for The Bay Area goes, I’ll be spinning with my Makossa BK brother-in-arms Wonway at Madrone Art Bar on Friday!!!!

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on my Cali (and other) gigs! I’m definitely hoping to add a couple of more parties to the mix while I’m out here. Cali is a second home and I am too excited to be here!


Spinning alongside DJs hailing from all parts of the US! Mamabear, Adriana, and I are taking over Beatnick’s night at Bar Dyamite and we are going to blow it out the frame!

Ladies Night @ Bar Dynamite
Saturday, September 7th
1809 W. Washington
San Diego, CA


I spun a set at Motown on Mondays at Brooklyn Bowl in July and it was so dope! Motown and the countless music that it inspired? YES! I’ll be spinning with Monalisa and DJ Phatrick. ALL of the MoM DJs from NY to Cali are dope as hell so this should be a great night to start the week off with :).

The Short Stop
1455 W. Sunset Blvd (Echo Park)

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Event: Makossa BK!


makossabk13_juneMan! It’s been a wild few months. Lots of great events with amazing music. If you want to keep in the loop, please join my mailing list or follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

As you know, summer is here which means the return of Makossa BK! Our 2013 inaugural was cold, rainy, and we hit RECORD ATTENDANCE! So many of you came out to rock with us regardless of the weather and we are forever grateful! It was a great day!

Rain may still come down a spell this Saturday, but clearly that isn’t stopping us. We’ll be outside enjoying the warmth and there’s plenty of room inside if the raindrops decide they want to join the fun, or we can always dance in the rain like last year :).

This month we have DJs Sucio Smash (NYC) and Pure P joining us all the way from Stockholm! You know I’m all about the international vibes and I look forward to it!

Makossa BK- June 2013 Edition
Brooklyn Tap House
590 Myrtle Ave (at Classon)

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Event: The Revival and Live at the Loft Resync!

I’m so excited to spin this month’s Revival at Free Candy!

This is a dope monthly party started by Move Forward Music featuring DJ PQ, Rich Medina, and a rotating cast of guest DJs like J. Period. While Rich is overseas touring, the legendary Tony Touch will be holding things down and I’m this month’s special guest!

Come dressed and energized to dance! Don’t forget to RSVP for reduce admission!


Also, March was pretty busy for me. Alice’s Arbor Fridays, some private events, some post-DAF wrapup. In the midst of all this, something great happened. Live at the Loft returned for a special night with Oddisee! Such a great show. The vibe was just as amazing and didn’t feel like it had been 11 months since the last one! Looks like there will be more to come for which I am very excited. Live at the Loft is just what this city needs right now!

I got to sit down with Tone and talk a little bit about why I love Live at the Loft and why I volunteer. I’m just happy to contribute to something so great. Be sure to check all the episodes of Resync and learn about all that goes on behind the scenes of this great live music series!

RESYCN06 with Tara from LIVE AT THE LOFT on Vimeo.

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Event: Donuts are Forever


I’ve been a busy bee lately. This is why. In addition to organizing, after taking a year off, I’m DJing this year’s Donuts are Forever!

The lineup is amazing. Our special guest DJ is JUST BLAZE!

I’m so excited. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, please do so. You’ll avoid a long wait trying to cop at the door.

Check the flyer above or peep the text below! See you there!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013
Presidents’ Day Weekend

Rare Form & Okayplayer present
an annual NYC tribute to a Detroit legend

SRB Brooklyn
177 2nd Avenue
(corner of 14th St)

sets provided by
DJ CENTER (Push the Fader – NYC)
DJ TARA (Rare Form – NYC)
DJ STYLUS (Soul Controllers – DC)
DJ SHAWN DUB (I ? Vinyl – LA / NYC)

hosted by
FRESH DAILY (Brooklyn Good Guys – NYC)

Proceeds go to benefit the Donuts are Forever Scholarship Fund, an
initiative in partnership with the Groundwork for Success Program (run
by Good Shepherd Services) that sends high school kids in Brooklyn to
Scratch Academy to learn how to DJ / produce. The DAF Scholarship was
created in 2011 and by summer of 2013, we will have sent 40 kids to
these classes thanks to your contributions.

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Event Recaps + TONIGHT at the Knitting Factory


The past few weeks have been incredibly busy! If you follow me on twitter or like my facebook page, or are on my mailinglist, you know exactly how busy I’ve been.

This past Wednesday, I was the first guest DJ for Pink Cookies…a 90s Joint! I great monthly after-work flow hosted by Lauren Santiago and Stephenie Stewart.
I had such a great time. I love all 90s jams so it was really hard to pick what I wanted to play and cram in all the songs I wanted to play that night! Fun times!

Thanks to DJ Shawn Dub for the photo above.

Then I resumed my Friday nights at Alice’s Arbor. So great to be back! Come check me out this Friday!

And finally, tonight! I’m DJing with Prince Paul and Cipha Sounds for Hannibal Buress’ 30th Birthday Party!!! Not only is the DJ lineup sick (these guys are legends!!!), it’s in Brooklyn, and it’s free. I’m also hearing there will be quite a few surprises throughout the night.

I’m so excited and honored to be a part. If you decide to slide through, I advise that you come early.




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Happy New Year!!!


The Renaissance December 2012


Boooklyn Halloween 2012. I was a goth...


...and DJ Parler was a nerd!

Makossa 2 2012

Makossa BK July 2012

makossa 1 2012

Makossa BK June 2012


Know This! Live Taping March 2012

The Renaissance December 2012Boooklyn Halloween 2012. I was a goth......and DJ Parler was a nerd!Makossa BK July 2012Makossa BK June 2012Know This! Live Taping March 2012

I hope everyone was able to ring in 2013 in style! If you were home, I hope you were surrounded by loved ones and if you were in the club, I hope the DJ dropped a good one at midnight!

2012 was a really great year for me, thanks to you! From another successful season of Makossa BK to DJing some unconventional events and gigging in new cities! Paris was the first of what I hope to be many out-of-town gigs I’ll be doing!

Apparently another resolution I need to make is to take more photos! Here’s a small roundup of shots from this past year courtesy of Reginald Duvivier and John DeMato.

Also, thank you for checking out my site, listening to my mixes, peeping my tumblr page for new music, and of course, coming out to my gigs. I hope you’ll have more dates to choose from this year when it comes to checking me out live. In the meanwhile, I’m still at Alice’s Arbor (most) Fridays.

I hope your year is starting off right and check back here soon!

(DJ) Tara


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